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Altogether, we have seen estimates as high as $1.2 trillion per year as the cost of maintaining the US imperial agenda. It is easy to believe. The total cost of the Iraq war alone is now being estimated at as much as $3 trillion to $6 trillion. A comparison with the 1930s could lend some perspective on whether rates have ever been any lower, and whether rates could get worse if the economy slips into a prolonged recession (or worse). Stunning. Guess its time for our annual merchant cash advance physical with Dr. iPhone. (click here if video is not observable) Please follow Money Game on Twitter and Facebook. From the Atlantic: As the graphic to the left shows, women far outnumber men on state and local government payrolls, especially in public schools. Early in the recession, those merchant cash advance employers were propped up by stimulus money. A link to the online application is in their eligibility page. A minimum $5 balance in the savings account is required for membership. Refer to the credit union's types of membership page to see what's required to avoid monthly fees. Banks hate the rule because it cuts off a major source of revenue for them. They also complain that the more than 300 pages of regulations putting the rule into practice are unnecessarily complex and will saddle them with a costly regulatory burden. But the changes do not, for many, go far enough. Charles Middleton, managing merchant cash advance director at ethical bank Triodos, said only "full complete separation of banking" will provide depositors with institutions they can trust, and which can be more accountable. A recent survey suggested that that 47% of adults questioned said they felt more anxious about their merchant cash advance finances than six months ago with savings and pensions topping concerns - Will this see IFA's go mainstream. Atlantic merchant cash advance Coast Bank is offering two internet CD specials with very competitive rates. These are a 1.25% APY 15-month CD and a 1.05% APY 7-month CD. Minimum deposit is $1,000.