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After all, sentiment has fluctuated advance till payday wildly between despair and hope over the 21 months or so that Europe has been mired in its debt crisis. For now though, investors are giving EU policymakers the benefit of the doubt, especially as the International Monetary Fund has also backed calls for more money to be put into the banks. But dont forget snacks and drinks you may be dumping $5 or $6 per day in the snack machines to buy things that wouldnt cost half that much if you bought them at the grocery store grocery store and brought them to work. Also Monday, a report by the U.K.s largest property website Rightmove showed that house prices were up 1.4% in the first week of 2012, but remained down 0.8% on the month, indicating that a shortage of new sellers is likely to underpin prices this year. All you need is enough coverage to ensure your home will be repaired if it gets damaged. Dont pay for the extras if you dont need them. This is a guest post written by Sara Lennon on behalf of Merlin Insurance the Quebec Auto Insurance and home insurance broker. (Photo courtesy of David Hilowitz). Bank of America is the biggest target of the lawsuits for its 2008 purchase of Countrywide Financial, once one of the country's biggest advance till payday mortgage lenders and since shown to have issued hundreds of thousands of sub-par and poorly documented home loans that were packaged into RMBS. A municipal bond fund, focused on issuers in your home state, is a way to get professional management of your municipal investment. It's likely to be the best approach for novice investors to gain municipal debt exposure. All those trends should help bolster what might be the most important indicator of all: optimism. The Corporate Executive Boards latest quarterly Business Barometer report finds that executives expect a rise in consumer spending, revenue growth for their own companies and their competitors, and an increase in new orders and production. - The Bank of Japan will on Wednesday conclude its monetary policy meeting and then announce its decision on interest rates, highlighting a light day for Asian economic activity.